Prof. (Dr.) Rajveer Singh Shekhawat

Director, School of Computing and IT

Greetings! I'd like to extend a warm welcome to everyone on our new website.

IEEE is an international organization that networks industrial and academic engineering professionals around the world. It has various domains of operations including publishing of frontier research, standardization of technology, and collaboration amongst the professionals. Becoming one of its members has an umpteen number of benefits. As a professional member, one can not only collaborate with its members on joint research problems but can also publish the work done together with each other. One also gets an opportunity based on his expertise to become a reviewer of some of the top journals that IEEE has in its portfolio. One can also participate in many of the projects involving the new technologies and their applications like IoT, Blockchain, Quantum computing etc. As a student member, similar benefits are available but one important addition is the learning platform that IEEE offers and the credits that one can earn by doing these courses. As is obvious, these courses have been developed by the best experts that are members of IEEE and thus one does not think twice about the quality of the content that otherwise has less confidence if we attend courses from many other organizations.

At MUJ, we are fortunate to have established the IEEE student branch which has been operational for the last few years and has achieved many milestones. The activities of the student branch are increasing regularly and we now have the Women in Engineering chapter, the Computer Society chapter, as well as the Antenna Society chapter. These chapters will keep on adding to the list as more and more students become aware of the benefits that one can reap through this platform. Of course, you can have more details from your colleagues who are driving the branch activities and thus get convinced that becoming its member would add a lot of value to your leading and professional learnings. Once you are working at a job, you can be proud of this association and continue benefiting. I have myself had a long association with IEEE and have participated as a reviewer, as an author, and as a member of technical standards boards in areas like backplane buses, computer networks, and more recently IoT security, IoT in healthcare and smart systems. You are most welcome to contact me for any help or guidance so as to derive maximum benefit from this membership. I wish you the very best.

Prof. (Dr.) Rajveer Singh Shekhawat
Director, School of Computing and IT


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