Dr. Arun Kumar Poonia

Assistant Director, Directorate of Students’ Welfare

IEEE is a professional association devoted to advancing technological innovation. It has laid down tremendous efforts in various domains in terms of technology enhancement, research development, career guidance and the organisation of conferences in developing nations like India. We have taken one such initiative by establishing a student branch at our university. With the aid of different IEEE agencies, the branch assists in the organisation of seminars, conferences, workshops, and insightful events.

The first thrill any engineering student feels is the technological realm they are about to enter, the excitement of being a part of a project that adds value to technology. A group of people that share the same objective and are already working on turning ideas into prototypes. Here in MUJ, with a community to awe on, IEEE Student Branch helps kindle these minds and reach their fullest to outgrow the technical perception they have. IEEE SB MUJ thinks, discusses and builds innovative minds that affiliate to a bigger world of technology that anyone would be proud to be a part of.

With its astounding culture, IEEE SB MUJ is recognized as the best branch in Rajasthan Sub-Section, and achieving this milestone would’ve been impossible without its enthusiastic members. All we request is that you join IEEE SB MUJ, become an active member, and contribute to making it an esteemed platform for technological advancement.

Dr. Arun Kumar Poonia
Assistant Director, Directorate of Students’ Welfare


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