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Our Fabulous Team

Faculty Members

Dr.Rajveer Shekhawat

Branch Counselor

He, who is at the root node of the SCIT tree and governs the department with intelligent decisions, is Dr Rajveer Shekhawat, the one who handles it all
Dr.Mahesh Jangid

Faculty Coordinator

A gritted sparkle in his eyes, he has the baton of IEEE SB MUJ in his worthy hands, a visionary leader is the faculty coordinator, Dr Mahesh Jangid

Executive Committee

Aayush Raj


Jack of all trades and master too! The Chairperson is everyone’s inspiration.
Kartik Sumrani

Vice Chairperson

When nothing’s right, go to the vice-chair, he knows it all!
Touhid Mohammed

General Secretary

Happy go lucky, the Gen-Sec is your workaholic optimist
Viraj Sirkeck

Head of Operations

With a heart of gold, the head of operations has a polite working style!

Sarthak Faugat


Money matters but hard work matters more, the mantra of our loyal treasurer.


Yugam Shukla

Head Webmaster

Webbing up his software geekiness, a witty man is the Webmaster!
Ishita Bhargava

Head of HR

She’s ‘human friendly’, the amiable head of HR!
Anubhav Bhattacharya

Head of Technical Projects(SCIT)

The SCIT projects head is error proof and user friendly!
Priyansh Khandelwal

Junior Webmaster

Weaving a cordial web, the junior webmaster is the smartest spider!

Vaibhav Khandelwal

Head of Programs

Disciplined enough to carry the events on his back, the head of programs!
Shaleen Poddar

Joint Head of Programs

Walking shoulder to shoulder, the joint head of programs works efficiently!
Tushar Toteja

Head of Logistics

He’s a weight lifter! Fulfilling the event requirements is the Head of Logistics!
Kabir Nassir

Head of Corporate Affairs

He knows the outer world, smart is what you can call the head of corporate affairs!

Shambhavi Khanna

Head of Editorial

Penning an autograph, the head of editorial commands all letters!
Sarthak Duggar

Head of Promotions

He has his eyes everywhere, the head of promotions can charm anyone!
Janhavi Mishra

Joint Head of Promotions

She makes the ends meet, joint head of promotions makes it seem easy!
Sujal Vajire

Head of Media

Whose camera shutter keeps cheering his name is the media head!

Deeptangshu Paul

Social Media Manager

Singing his way into your DMs is the social media manager!
Akshath Tiwari

Head of Technical Projects(SAMM)

Machines and mechanics is loved by our intelligent SAMM projects head!
Ronith Nair

Head of Design

Painting the surreal world, our creative head of design!
Anshum Shailey

Junior Webdeveloper

Intertwining hard work with integrity and skills is our junior web master!


Ronak Modi

Senior Coordinator

He knows the way, he clears the way, our visionary senior coordinator!
Divya Yeshwant Natekar

Senior Coordinator

Silent worker with her work speaking for itself, a senior coordinator she is!
Dheerya Mehta

Senior Coordinator

Helping everyone around, he is the team spirited senior coordinator!
Mann Bajpai

Senior Coordinator

Always smiling, the senior coordinator has a determined work style!

Vedang Gaur

Senior Coordinator

Dancing to the tunes of determination is our bold senior coordinator!
Ishan Garg

Junior Coordinator

The perfect boy next door is our friendly coordinator
Jonty Krishnani

Social Media Coordinator

He knows you and he knows them, a happy known guy is our social media coordinator!
Ishan Rattanpal

Social Media Coordinator

From antisocial to social people, this social media coordinator is pleasant!

Anubhav Bagri

Graphic Designer

Haste makes waste, believes our patient graphic designer!
Ishan Sarwagi

Graphic Designer

He decides the vibe, from graffiti to graphics, the graphic designer!
Nitin Sundhar Sakamuri

Social Media Coordinator

From stories to posts, this social media coordinator has his way!